Bunny in a Hat Share Your Data Bunny in a Hat

One of the potentially most useful features of The Magic Database is the ability to share all, or some of your data with other users of the program. On the Welcome Screen, in the File menu, you will find options to import data from a file provided by another user, or to export all of your database, or a subset.

Image of import/export options screen.

Using the Find Book Screen, or the Find Trick Screen, you can export only those tricks that have been retrieved by the specific search done on the database. You also have the ability to remove items from the answer table prior to exporting the data.

Coming Soon!

The Magic Database website will host an exchange of exported files that will enable its users to get an excellent idea of the contents of the many magic books available today.

You will be able to upload your tricks, and select downloads from many that we will have available. Keep checking back to see when this feature will "go live."