Bunny in a Hat Add a Trick to The Magic DataBase Bunny in a Hat

You may use The Magic DataBase to add tricks or sleight descriptions that you've read in books, or you can add the physical tricks or props that you have tucked away in various drawers and cubbyholes. The Magic Database can help you organize and find them!

The Magic Database allows you to easily add information pertaining to the trick you are adding. You can add keywords to help you categorize the trick, and associate any sleights and props used in the trick. All of these features make it easy to find tricks in the future. For instance, some day you might wish to remember which of your tricks used an Elmsley Count, a partially stacked deck, and the card case. As long as you've remembered to enter this information, it will be easy to find using the Find Trick Screen.

Image of the Add Trick Screen

As you can see, you can associate a virtually unlimited amount of information with any trick you add to the database. The Notes field is of virtually unlimited size, and you can enter any keywords, sleights, and props you wish to associate with the trick.