Bunny in a Hat Add a Person to The Magic DataBase Bunny in a Hat

The Magic DataBase comes with a collection of over six hundred magicians. When you add a book to your database, it's usually easy to choose the authors or magicians you wish to associate with the new book. In those cases, when you encounter a person who is not in The Magic Database already, you can easily enter him by clicking on the "Add Person to Database" button of the Add Book Screen, or from the Add Author/Magician" button on the Welcome Screen.

Image of the Add Author/Magicin Screen

A list of all the people currently in the database is presented to you on entry to this screen. This will enable you to see who is currently in the database, and confirm your entry of any new people. To correct any inaccuracies, misspellings, etc, you would use the Find Person Screen.